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You can bring the change

DENK – think of everything feasible!

You have read what DENK e.V. has achieved so far. We are glad that we were already able to change some things. 
Still, much remains to be done – we will be happy if you want to help us.

On these pages we would like to give you some ideas how you can actively help us – any support will be welcome!

There are different ways of support: Time can help –association activities mean a lot of work, and even small gestures may make big things happen. Money can help – your donations will provide a safe existence and future prospects for the children. Just by taking an interest in our activities you are already helping - we are grateful for your attention.

Thanks to your support, together we will be able to help children with less opportunities

  • to find a home and have future prospects
    …to get effective health care
    …to graduate from school
    …to train for a profession
    …to acquire social skills
    …to be encouraged in their independence

25 Euro monatlich decken die Schulkosten eines Kindes vollständig ab.

Donate with PayPal

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Donate by bank transfer

We appreciate your interest! You can support us with one-time or regular donations and of course you can also become a member of the association.

Bank details:

IBAN: DE78 4585 0005 0000 3637 96
Sparkasse Lüdenscheid

DENK eV is recognized by the tax office in Gummersbach as a non-profit and benevolent association. Donations can be claimed for tax purposes in Germany. For donations of less than 200 euros, the transfer slip plus bank statement is sufficient as proof for the tax office. We will be happy to send you a donation receipt for higher amounts. Please be sure to provide us with your full address.

Time can help: club activities

Whether you can give us a lot or a little of your time, the supposedly small deeds are also important. You are already supporting the project by telling others about your commitment to the children in Nepal.

Of course, as in every club, there are many other tasks at DENK eV. We see our involvement in the association as an opportunity to think outside the box. By actively working to improve the future prospects of children in Nepal, we create a new perspective for ourselves - on Nepal, but also on our everyday life in Germany.
Please contact us if you would like to become active with us. Helping hands are very welcome!

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