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Activities in Nepal

Being there. With all that it entails.

Our local commitment started in 2007, when we first became aware of the children's home in Pokhara. The house, in which children from disadvantaged families were living, was in a terrible state and the children were about to lose their home.

We were able to prevent this with donations from family and friends. Together with the local family Thapa, a lovingly run children's home was established over the last years.

Today, DENK is an association registered in Germany which supports and finances the children's home. We use donations exclusively and are recognized as a charity.

We are constantly in contact with the children's home. We especially support schooling and vocational training of the children, provide medical care and health services and try to reintegrate them into their families whenever possible.

In practice, this means that we give financial support and advice to the Nepalese charity which runs the children's home and that we work closely with the persons in charge on-site.

Would you like to stay with us for a while? Have a leisurely look around and see in the next step, how your support can bear fruit.

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Nepal's future is growing

The House

The children's home is located on the outskirts of Pokhara, at the foot of the mighty Annapurna massif. Under the name "Oppressed Welfare Center", the children's home in Nepal is recognized as a non-profit organization. Despite the state recognition and assessment, no public funds are available to associations like this in Nepal.

The children

Today twelve children and young people aged between five and eighteen live there. They come from very poor families, many of whom are half or full orphans.
A housemother lives in the house with the children and cares for them. Every day, two teachers stand by the students for a few hours to help with their homework. In addition, there is a wide range of educational opportunities to further develop children's talents and abilities.

Thapa family

The house is run very carefully and very lovingly by the married couple Sajana and Shiva Thapa. Both are very attentive to the individual needs of each child. This is the only way to give the children a feeling of security and security.

Trust and transparency. We play with open cards.

Help on site

It is not always easy to help. It is very important to have trustworthy helpers on site.

We found this in the Thapa family. DENK eV is informed about all steps there and all issues. We would like to pass this transparency on to all those involved and donors in order to create trust and to ensure that all funds benefit the children in the sense of true humanitarian aid.

A sense of responsibility and trust are also values that we want to convey to the children. The primary goal is to provide all children with a safe and loving home and a future full of opportunities. Later on, the children should be able to take their lives into their own hands independently in their own country.

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